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Make-your-own Tiny Weave Kit: Forrest Floor


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Complete beginners, kids and experienced crafters alike will enjoy the soothing over-under-over-under rhythm of this easy wall hanging project. Simply use each colour in order with a ring of lovey fluff to finish off the outer edge, or get creative and randomise colours and add in asymmetrical fluffy bits wherever you like! There really is no getting it wrong, and yarn can be removed and re-woven many times to achieve a finished wall hanging you like.

Each Make-your-own TIny Weave Kit comes in a gift-ready box, complete with a pre-warped round mini loom with wallhanging hardware, weaving needle, easy to follow instructions and a colour coordinated pallet of yarn. Suitable for all ages and experience levels, although those with limited fine motor skills may appreciate some assistance.

(Please note: Due to current supply delays, it is possible that some components in each kit may differ slightly from the images shown here. Every effort is taken to ensure continuity of quality and harmonious colour matching. Thank you for your understanding).